About Us


Not for profit...

The Arizona Warriors has grown to a 5 team organization in just 2 years.  We run our team as an open book, all families share the expenses equally.  We do it because we absolutely LOVE it and have a lot of fun together.  Oh yeah, we like to look good so we do spend those extra dollars on apparel!

Some of our teams have zero monthly dues and if a team does have a monthly due, it's for services or facilities.  We split tournaments, fields, and equipment costs equally.


Who is it?

The Arizona Warriors was started by Michael Yanke, a baseball fan and business professional in Fall 2017.  This isn't his job, he does this for his love of the game and as a 20+ year marketing professional, the branding and uniforms are always on point.  He doesn't earn a single penny from this, he simply wants to create a great place to call this club your baseball or fastpitch home.  His son pays just like every other player.  He's operated an international professional sports league with live TV video production, so if you think we're a little over the top at times with our branding.... now you know why.


We play to win!

Just because we don't charge typical monthly fees doesn't mean we don't take this seriously.  We like... ok, we love winning and we work hard to earn those wins.  Our teams practice multiple times per week, and on average at least 2 tournaments per month.  As a team, we expect to compete for championships each tournament.  Head coaches manage their team budgets independently.

And playing to win doesn't mean poor sportsmanship.  We strive to conduct ourselves professionally, showing respect to our opponents and officials, and as good examples for all around us.  In addition to the game, we also spend time volunteering in our community to help others.