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Our teams are filled based on referrals and recommendations.   We don't have a lot of turnover, however we have split teams based on age and player performance to grow our club with additional teams.

If you're interested in speaking with a coach or scheduling a workout, please fill out the info below.

Updated 9/1/2019


  • 10u will start in AAA and move up to Majors when the time comes, we're looking for 1 strong catcher to round out the roster. 

  • 11u will start in AAA, we're looking for 1 player, a dominant pitcher is preferred.  This team has a foundation of the current 2018-19 10u AAA Warriors.

  • 12u will start in AA and quickly advance to AAA, they need an additional pitcher.  Almost everyone is returning on this team, so only 1 spot is open.

  • 12u League Play is a team that will focus on USSSA league play at Cactus Yards and Saturday-only tournaments.  They could take 1 additional player that fits well with the team.

  • 13u AAA has a foundation of players from the 2018-19 12u Majors team and carries a roster of 13 for 2019-2020.  This team is filled to capacity.

  • 13u Majors has a foundation of the 2018-2019 12u Majors team and we're currently roster-ed at 11.  If we add a player, we're looking for a phenom catcher.   We're putting a lot of resources into our Majors teams to help get them to a nationally ranked level.

FastPitch Softball

  • 10u is a development team of girls who love the game.  Fundamental growth is priority #1 of this age division.

  • 12u is led by an 8+ year varsity high school head coach.  This group is developing well and focused on the years ahead of being an elite team by practicing hard and become great players.

  • 14u is a fundamentally strong group with some key players from the 2019 Jr Little League World Series run.  With a couple girls coming from the Western Region Championship team, there's a great foundation to grow and improve the team.

  • 16u is a team built for tournaments.  As a powerful offensive unit, this group can put the runs on the board as they proved in the 2019 LLWS representing the entire Western Region.  It's a close group comprised of a roster of 10 and can take 1-2 more highly competitive player if they are a good fit.  A strong pitcher with experience is desired.

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Our 13U squads will train weekly with pro trainers, at a professional facility.  This will include MLB coaching/instruction and weekly strength and conditioning.  Our 13u program will take dedication and commitment; it's ongoing from day 1.  It wont be easy, but it will be the best.



We'll be training where the pros train all year starting August 1.  During the MLB off-season, more than 25 MLB pros use the same trainers we do.  This is a huge opportunity for our boys and the benefits will last for years beyond!



Our city is really good to us, Mesa makes some of the best fields available to practice on.  Fortunately, finding fields isn't a problem we face.



We really try to maintain a positive reputation.  Coach Michael expects all coaches to teach the boys how to be respectful to the game, umpires and maintain strong values while representing the Warriors organization.  We strive for our fans to be the same way.  At the end of the day, it's youth baseball.  Yes, it's extremely competitive and we want to win, but they are 10-13 years old; nobody is going pro tomorrow.  



We primarily play in USSSA tournaments.  We have excellent relationships with state directors and management.  That doesn't mean we won't play in others, but most of our tournaments are USSSA, it seems to have the deepest competition.



We like to look good.  Our uniforms are pro-quality, produced exclusively by Wilson Sporting Goods.  We get team deals on equipment and other cool stuff that makes it even better to be an Arizona Warrior!  Our team inventories more than 20 Prime and Zen bats for game use only.  Players get to swing the best!