Team Details



The foundation of this team comes from the younger side of the 2018-19 10U team.  Half of that team moved up to 11U and those eligible to remain in 10U created this team.  They've got a great foundation to build upon!



The 2019-20 11U team is led by head coach Kris Klein.   This team is made up of those from the 10U team Coach Kris led in 2018-19 that aged up to the next year.   Coach Kris played baseball for many years and does a great job working with the boys.  His BP sessions are legit!



As an 11u team during 2018-19, this group saw a high level of success.  They're ready for AAA, so we expect a quick jump forward into the AAA class for 2019-20.  This team is led by head coach, David Cline.  Coach Dave has years of experience coaching youth baseball and he strives for keeping a good group of kids and families together.  So far... they're doing great.



Michael Yanke acts as the General Manager of both teams, while assuming the Majors head coaching position.  AAA is led by Coach Steve DelCegno.  Both teams have high expectations in their class.